Media – Sound & video files

The following are links to videos posted by others:

Crossover guitar nylon string – cedar / indian rosewood with LR Baggs dual pickups

7 strings Torres (Italian spruce & IRW) nylon strings with elevated fretboard – K&K pure pickup

The following Stanleyguitar crossover with its clarity, dynamic range, and balance, is very suitable for recording work (pickups turned off as required) and with its dual pickups for blending a range of tone and amplified for stage and gig work:

Crossover guitar (European Spruce/IRW ) nylon strings – dual K&K fantastik and pure pickup system


The following are soundfiles of a crossover fitted with the dual KK pure and fantastik pickups and demonstrating blending of the pickups:

Stanleyguitar crossover nylon string, cedar top and indian rosewoodback and sides, dual kk pickups, this video demonstrating a range of sound by mixing the two pickups