Our approach

We aim to design and build ALL our guitars for:

– Tonal excellence
– Playability
– Craftsmanship

Crossover or hybrid guitars
– designed and built as two equally important functional parts
– a guitar with tonal excellence and playability ( balance, action, and responsiveness),  optimised for amplified operation against feedback and still playable unplugged; plus a selected and well setup pickup system to suit the needs of the guitarist specific style and playing environment.
Build data recording for every guitar built
The guitar audio spectral response are measured using a tap tone and a spectrum analyser (typical setup as shown below). A final measurement is done after french polishing as the pre-delivery record, and so that later played-in differences can be monitored.

Fleta style guitar taptone spectral response - not yet played in

– Typical classical guitar Taptone spectral response




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